ES2-OXIE PRO ELECTRIC *Velocidad hasta 28km * Autonomia hasta 25km *Soporta hasta 85kg


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This model of ES2-OXIE PRO is portable enough to carry on public transport, keep in the car, or carry anywhere. It has double suspension, a brake system and a set of side led lights. It is an electric scooter ready to conquer the streets. It allows you a comfortable and safe driving. Its operation is super simple, since the only thing you have to do is: turn it on, push yourself slightly and start to accelerate with the trigger. It has two speed modes: Eco and Pro. In addition, it has solid anti-puncture tires, LCD screen and a front LED light. NET WEIGHT 12.5 KG, SPEED 25 KM / H, AUTONOMY 28KM ECO MODE, SUPPORTS UP TO 100KG. MOTOR 300 WATTS, NON-PUNCTURE SOLID TIRES

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