Twister Edge Edition #3W / *Tallas del 36 al 39


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The Twister Edge Edition # 3 W by Rollerblade is the new limited edition Edge specially designed for ladies, it maintains its advanced urban skating characteristics adding an attractive exclusive design and premium finishes, with its super comfortable and durable inner bootie, 243mm Hot Rod rail Alu, 80mm 85a Supreme urban wheels and Twincam ILQ7 wheels, with these skates the city will be your amusement park.

– Boot: Twister Edge
– Rail: Hot Rod 243mm Extruded Alu
– Wheels: Supreme 80mm 85a
– Bearings: ILQ7
Clasps: Cuff clasp + micrometric instep + pins
– Available Sizes: 36.5,38,39,40

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